APT Inc. manufacturers a broad range of high-quality stainless steel tanks for your plant needs. Precision stainless steel construction paired with our design expertise makes APT’s fabrication department a perfect fit. From a single tank to a total system, our in-house fabrication team has the experience, knowledge and equipment required to deliver quality products.
PMO Balance Tanks for Dairy & Food Processing Plants

PMO Balance Tanks

APT’s PMO Balance Tanks are fabricated to meet your specific needs. Our PMO Balance Tanks feature: 3-A Certification per Standard 32-03 Fabricated to PMO Standards 304 / 316L Stainless Steel Cu...
CIP Systems for Dairy & Food Processing Plants

CIP Systems

APT’s Advanced CIP Systems are designed and engineered to your specific plant process for effective and efficient cleaning of equipment.   APT engineers will work with you to select the right CIP syst...
Chemical Day Tanks for Dairy & Food Processing Plants

Chemical Day and COP Tanks

When distribution of cleaning chemicals is required throughout the plant, APT’s Chemical Day Tanks are a cost effective solution for distribution. Standard tank sizes are available in 5 gallon ...
Air Eliminators for Dairy & Food Processing Plants

Air Eliminator

APT’s Air Eliminator functions to eliminate the possibility of air locks from the milk tanker to the discharge pump and also eliminates entrained air caused by pump cavitation.
Dairy & Food Processors / Cookers

Processors / Cookers

APT’s Processors / Cookers are designed with a multitude of agitation styles for mixing and blending, which allows for use in a wide variety of products and applications. Our Processors / Cookers fea...