3-A Equipment

Do you use or specify food processing equipment that requires meeting stringent criteria for sanitary design and fabrication? If you are in the market for equipment or systems that come in contact with food products, you should insist on equipment that meets the sanitary design and fabrication criteria of 3-A Sanitary Standards.

3-A Certified Equipment:

  • Promotes acceptance by USDA, FDA and state regulatory authorities.
  • Verifies the equipment conforms to the applicable 3-A Sanitary Standards criteria.
  • Reduces or eliminates need for customized equipment specifications.
  • Deemed to comply with the applicable 3-A Sanitary Standards by a Certified Conformance Evaluator as a result of an independent Third Party Verification.
  • Saves you time and money in equipment qualification, cleaning, maintenance and more!

Our 3-A Certified Equipment includes:

  • In-Line Angle Strainers
  • Processors
  • PMO Balance Tanks
Dairy & Food 3A Certification Strainers


3-A Certification per Standard 42-01 APT Strainers support multiple system uses including: CIP HTST Milk Receiving Powder Reconstitution Our In-Line Angle Strainers feature: Availability ...
Dairy & Food Processors / Cookers


APT’s Processors / Cookers are designed with a multitude of agitation styles for mixing and blending, which allows for use in a wide variety of products and applications.   Our Processors / Cookers ...
Dairy & Food PMO Balance Tanks

PMO Balance Tanks

APT’s PMO Balance Tanks are fabricated to meet your specific needs. Our PMO Balance Tanks feature: 3-A Certification per Standard 32-03 Fabricated to PMO Standards 304 / 316L Stainless Steel Cu...